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Meraki Online was created from the heart of a woman who loves the unique, the extravagant, the never-before-seen wonder of a new design. I am Jessycca Roothman, the founder of Meraki Online. I am a passionate, driven woman who is constantly looking for new adventure. I take on any challenge set before me with flare and will not settle for second best. When it comes to running a business, my heart is not just to make the business effective, but to make it one to which my clients return because they know they are heard and appreciated.
My years of experience in sales have cemented the dream I have of building a company that offers exceptional, personalised service. My hope is to build a relationship with each and every client. I would like Meraki Online’s clients to have the freedom to call me personally with any requests, queries or even complaints. I am driven by a dream to break away from the corporate, faceless model of a company, and to create a welcoming community where clients can share their thoughts and opinions openly with home. The desire to create an open platform where dreams can be sculpted into reality, pushes me to deliver what I believe to be the best for my clients. Hours of careful research and sourcing go into the selection of each item found in the Meraki Online catalogue. Due to my aspiration to find the most awe-inspiring homeware, kitchenware and décor available, I am always on the hunt for new, creative designs.
Each item in the Meraki Online catalogue has been judiciously sought after and selected before being placed on the site. All the articles which have made it onto the website are sure to capture your interest, as they are all exquisite in their own right.
Meraki. This one, simple word holds more meaning and passion than one would expect. Meraki means to do something with love. Meraki means to take on an adventure with all your heart. Meraki means to embrace a challenge with complete devotion. Meraki is to put your soul into your endeavours. This one word, which in itself is not simple to explain, encapsulates the essence of what we do so beautifully, we made it the word by which our business is known!
The soul, creativity and love put into your home – the essence of yourself
At Meraki Online, we do not simply want to make your house beautiful. It is our dream to make your beautiful house feel like home. We believe any objects can be placed in an unassuming setting and make it more appealing, but it takes a special touch to turn that setting into a place that feels like home. We do not simply want to bring beauty to your living space, we want to bring comfort, soul, creativity, love and the essence of you into your home. We pride ourselves in offering a personalised shopping experience to each and every client. We want to work closely with you in order to help you find exactly what you need to connect with your living space. Whether it is imported crystal glassware or hand-made wooden products ordered especially for you, we will move mountains to help you find the unique design that suits your unique tastes and interests. Every person deserves to fall in love each time they enter their home. Why make cooking and setting the table a chore when it can be your favourite time of day? We want to help you fall in love with your home each time you use a special glass, eat out of a unique plate, or enjoy your food in the gorgeous, breath-taking space you created. It’s all about the feeling!



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